Flexing Your Wings!

This week I learned of a seasoned Captain on jetBlue flight 191 bound to Las Vegas from JFK.  The Captain, during the flight, started making statements which made passengers uneasy.  Once the situation escalated, the First Officer became the Deputy Captain by simply locking the door and taking command of the aircraft.  As a result, the Captain became irate and unruly as the passengers tried to  subdue him.

I know I am not the only one to state that this, but the real-life scenario above seemed to have come straight from the novel, “Flight For Control” by Karlene Petitt.  See What Karlene Has To Say About It!

As much as commercial passengers think that pilots are God, and some pilots think they *are* God, (I personally have seen enough of them), they are… not.  We are all human beings.  We have emotions and breaking points.  We have stresses in our daily lives which keep us from being on course.  I can name personally three events within the past year where I thought I was going to break.  How am I holding myself together?  By being like the wings of a Boeing 777.


Have you seen the stress tests of the Boeing 777 wings on YouTube?  Fascinating.  Those wings go straight up to heaven when you are sitting behind them looking out the passenger’s window.  How can we take our wings and flex them so that the challenges and turbulence of life do not break us?  How do we develop this resistance?  Have we ever thought about the reason why we have these stresses are to make us stronger?  Something to think about..

Pilots represent the insignia that they wear on their uniforms, the wings.  We need a strong (aviation) industry.  We need strong pilots just like the wings of the airplanes shown on the uniforms and soared through the skies.  Pilots and non-pilots alike, let’s flex our wings to resist all of the turbulence in our lives just like the Boeing 777 so that we all can soar to new levels and inspire others to do the same.


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