No Matter How Cloudy; Always Sunshine Above

Over the past several days, it has been nothing but never ending overcast, rain, and chills making it feel like a late fall day. 





Sometimes in our lives, we feel like we have the same effect where the days are non-stop doom and gloom.  Whenever I have those times, I always try and remind myself, especially as an aviator wanting to think above the weather, that:

“No Matter How Cloudy It Is; There Is Always Sunshine Above.”

When things get cloudy, I take myself away from the world sometimes.  We all do.  It’s how we survive.  It’s like taking  to the skies:

How do I accomplish this?

Play Time With Friends





Self Indulgence Through

Great Food & Beverage

Moroccan “Cigars”, Kube, Hummous, Babaganoush (Eggplant Dip), & Turkish Salad.




…. and most of all great entertainment and

the goodies that accompany it ….

FLIGHT FOR CONTROL: The Best Piece of Literary Chocolate Covered Cheesecake I’ve Ever Devoured




For that, not only can one can see the sunshine beneath the weather




But also climb to new heights




and show our


United Airbus for the 31 Expressway Visual, LGA, over Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, Flushing NY

Showing NYC our wingflex – Canarsie departure for Amsterdam.

8 thoughts on “No Matter How Cloudy; Always Sunshine Above

  1. Yes… always sunshine above. Maybe that is one of the things I love most about the International flying. When I depart Seattle’s cloudy skies, I break out on top, and the sun is always there. Such a great metaphor in life. I love how you survive those cloudy days. No matter how bleak, we must find time to play, enjoy, live, and love all the things that can make us smile. The rain will pass. The sun will come out. But in the meantime, why not make our own sunshine? Thank you so much for your support of Flight For Control!!!

  2. Karlene, you are right: we must make our own sunshine. Sometimes more them others. International flying is the best and thank G’d we hqve the equipment to do it with and the great pilots such as yourself to get us there. Keep doing the great flying you do and soon I will be joining you. As for now, I have virtual Amsterdam – Atlanta – Amsterdam this week. Next week São Paolo where I will have my vacay back on the 777.. The never ending schedule. But it’s great practice for the life I have coming please G’d.. As for the support, it is my pleasure. I promote people I believe in. Fly safe and hope you are heading back to SEA to be with your family for a nice rest. :))

    • I’m home. Thank you! And… just one question… do you have someone bring you meals, and do you get a break during your flight? Enjoy your flights!

      • Meals: sometimes and breaks: yes, although some international missions I do not more frequently here recently which isn’t a good thing. One thing is very certain: I must wear hat at most, if not, at all times. not to just use the restroom. Thank you so much and once again, I’ll send you my screenshots on FB after these assignments are over. (Nothing like having a domestic 777 like IAD – ORD or ATL – DTW I miss those…)

  3. Jeremy, this is too true. And I love the food picture. I can even spot my favorite Belgian beer 😉 Hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and that your week ahead will too!

  4. Cecilie, thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, the food pictures were a must and Stella is one of my favorite beers. I usually go to Dutch and Belgian beer for my choices. I also like Blue Moon when I have deli food. Once again, thanks for stopping by, your compliments, and you should only have sunshine and blue skies as well!!

  5. When I went to Brussels on a class trip 2 years ago we tasted some great Belgian beers. Stella was of course one of them. You should also try Hoegaarden and Leffe Braun 😉 But my all time favorite is Arendal Pils, a local pilsner 😉 Come to Norway and I’ll make sure you taste it! It’s delicious, especially now during the summer, with seafood or bbq!

    • They do sell Hoegaarden here on occasion. I definitely need to come to Norway sometime (don’t forget a small portion of my family is from there (and Denmark also)!) BBQ is always good!

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