Waters of Life

This week has been filled with many busy schedules, deadlines, and frustrations. By the end of the week, my brain is fried to it’s core and my emotions are shot to all hell.

These are the headwinds in life, that which slows us down and could present many challenges.

Of course, I have my tailwinds, people who push me to strive forward. Not only people, but places and times.

Nestled in the midst of chaotic New York City’s Fifth Avenue is a concrete water fountain that rests between the Apple store, The Plaza Hotel, and Bergdorf Goodman.


Mayim Hayyim .. The Water of Life

This water fountain is a place I like to retreat to as it is unique with the fact that in chaos it sits in peace and comforts the people who come to embrace it. The water that pours from its source washes away all my frustrations and anxieties of the week. The sounds and the mist which resonate from it drown out it’s surroundings: the chaos

The most important part of this fountain is that it helps me recollect my deeds, mistakes, and thoughts from the week and puts me into a state of mind to which I focus on how I can improve myself.

This is what life is about. Self improvement so that you can reach your fullest potential. This fountain represents the Hebrew term “Mayim Hayyim” or the waters of life.


Soon I will take this water fountain and apply it to time. Every weekend, I take time out of my week to sit back, reflect, rest, and focus on how I can improve myself in every aspect.  It is my Sabbatical from the world. 

We should all take some time to withdrawal and to do such. For with these thoughts I wish everyone a great weekend!


Tail Winds



Weather is very important, especially in flight planning and tail winds could mean a lot. Last night around midnight, I had a dream that an angelic voice sounded in my mind singing various pleasant melodies as I was dosing off. Was I asleep? I honestly don’t remember what my physical state was. It occurred to me later as I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that a friend called last night offering words of encouragement. The cost? Free. What started out as a difficult week was moving along much better as of last night because of this one simple act of kindness this individual did. Not only do we need wingflex in our lives, but we also need tail winds to carry us along and get us where we need to go in no time. How can you give a friend the tail winds they need? All it takes is one phone call, going to someone and saying, “hello.” Or maybe, going to the airport to greet someone at the gate after flying a thirty-six hour trip. The possibilities are endless…. What is your random act of kindness or even better, what are your tail winds like? jeremy

A Father’s Day To Remember

This weekend will mark another occasion to celebrate dads across the world, to BBQ, to have fun.  The weather is scheduled to be beautiful in the New York City area and I am rest assured traffic out to Long Island will be en masse with parks and beaches filled to capacity.

This year for my family and I, however, will be different.  It will be the first year without my father who passed away on 23 December 2011 from stage five Renal Cell Carcinoma. A cancer that originates in the kidneys that has been more common than in previous years, hence finding responsive treatments for this type are still in the process and researched.

There is so much to say about my father’s life, however, I will say this about him: not only did he love to sail, but he also loved to fly.



United States Air Force

Wearing The Captain’s Hat



He was a Platinum member for the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Program and he would always share his experiences with me of his corporate travels.  I was and forever will be greatful to my father for giving me the gift of not only loving to fly but also having given me the opportunity to fly first class with Northwest on two occasions.





Ironically this weekend also marks a special occasion for me: my first flying experience ever on any aircraft. I like to call this event my wedding anniversary to aviation.  All it took was one flight.  A marriage made in heaven.  There was no dating process, no matchmaker.  Why?  Because it was a marriage made in heaven.  Every now and then I will have mental flashbacks to the very day that started it all … some twelve days after my graduation from high school.  I remember my mom on the phone with my Spanish teacher getting the details.  I also remember asking my father, the frequent flyer, what it was like to fly and be in the air.  I was craving it.



My itinerary from the school with mom’s notes and reminders. Note how the school labeled “KLM Airlines” and “Northwest-ERN” (Cute)



The waiting in the Detroit airport (yes, back in the day before the amazing remodel and construction of the EdMac Terminal) when it was a literal garbage dump.  I have mental flashbacks of looking out the terminal window at the beautiful Northwest Boeing 747 that would take me to a place where it was no longer Kansas.  Somewhere over the rainbow.  The thrill and rush of adrenaline feeling the thrust of the 747 plummeting down the runway. The feeling of it raising up and most of all the feeling of not being on the ground anymore – that was the pivotal point.   The turns overlooking the airport and the city of Detroit.  The realization that there is another world yet to be discovered than that on the Earth’s surface.  The most memorable of the flashbacks was the descent into Amsterdam’s “Skipple” International airport.  The massive water currents like silk, the many edgings, inlets and canals that paved into the lush green carpet that was farmland.  I knew that from sunset to sunrise (which was only three to four hours in length) that I was about to see the other side of the rainbow.  Not only that, I was about to come to reality of what my passion in life is: to fly.  Not only as a passenger, but later on, as a pilot.

Every year I have a play-date with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 to take this trip down memory lane.  This Sunday evening, I will be doing my annual mission from Detroit to Amsterdam-Schipol.  I have personally picked two outstanding pilots to share the left seat as Captains to take this trip with me.  They call the shots as I call out to fly “Shotgun!”  I couldn’t have picked a better pair of pilots to take this trip down memory lane as I consider them both family:

First, an outstanding pilot who has thirty plus years experience in the commercial aviation industry, to which during that time, she was an operator of the Boeing 747 with Northwest Airlines during her career.  We always share the memories we have with NWA.  I look forward to her visit to New York in November to share these memories even more..

Second, an outstanding pilot who has devoted his time to giving me the 747 “crash” course, instruments training, and helping me knock out the quirks of the PMDG 747 software.  I have spent many hours with this person on the simulator and in real life flying.  It will be an honor once again to have him sitting in the left seat on such an important mission to me.





This Father’s day we celebrate fathers from all over; some with us, some not.  They are a testament of who we are and what we have become, and what we will become.  I am sure that for those who have fathers who are no longer, they are looking down from the skies above begging us to reach up and grab our fullest potential.  To grab wings and let them carry us to our final goals to live fulfilled lives and to land success. 





For those with fathers here, cherish every single moment you have, because life is way too short.

For with these words, I bid





Tower Talk

Perhaps I have come late to the concert on this one, however, I’ve been noticing a recent trend (perhaps bad or ok) listening to pilots issuing their readbacks to towers: (Example)


JFK Tower – Photograph courtesy of Natan Hoffmann.


Controller: “Airline NinrSixSeven Heavy, climb and maintain Flight Level OneTwoThousand and intercept BLUES.”

Me: “Rgr, Flight Level OneTwoZero and maintain direct to BLUES for Airline NinrSixSeven Heavy.”


Did I issue a proper readback?




… especially if your callsign has the digit “4” – It could get confusing.

My question to all pilots, ATPs, and especially controllers is this:

Are you “for” something or not?  And why?  Discuss……………….




Happy June 2012

My passion: Aviation


My body: New York City


My soul: Jerusalem


My heart: Paris


My history: Scotland


My playground: Brasil


My favorite book: Flight For Control


What I am doing right now: Sitting at the park letting the breeze whip my face into submission while listening to a pair of A320 engines go into the sky..


My hopes for everyone: To enjoy the weekend and the sunny weather. If it’s not, create your own sunshine!