Tail Winds



Weather is very important, especially in flight planning and tail winds could mean a lot. Last night around midnight, I had a dream that an angelic voice sounded in my mind singing various pleasant melodies as I was dosing off. Was I asleep? I honestly don’t remember what my physical state was. It occurred to me later as I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that a friend called last night offering words of encouragement. The cost? Free. What started out as a difficult week was moving along much better as of last night because of this one simple act of kindness this individual did. Not only do we need wingflex in our lives, but we also need tail winds to carry us along and get us where we need to go in no time. How can you give a friend the tail winds they need? All it takes is one phone call, going to someone and saying, “hello.” Or maybe, going to the airport to greet someone at the gate after flying a thirty-six hour trip. The possibilities are endless…. What is your random act of kindness or even better, what are your tail winds like? jeremy

2 thoughts on “Tail Winds

  1. Jeremy, this is great. This morning I was reading my email, and one of the advertisements that come my way are simple truths. They have a new book … Create a life you can’t wait to live…. I bought 7, so I could gift six of them to people who are working very hard and sometimes, the element of doubt sneaks in. Can they do it? Of course. But we all need a tailwind of encouragement.

    On another note, I always open doors, and say hello to strangers, and engage in conversatrions. You never know if that one person was walking to the edge of the cliff. We all need a smile, a word of encouragement.

    For me all my tailwinds are people like you who always have something nice to say and an encouraging word, or support blowing my way. Encouragement makes what I do feel like it has meaning. Sometimes exhaustion sets in and I think… “why am I doing this?”

    When we hear about something we did that impacted someone else… that is tailwind. I received a call from a pilot, in management, at AA to talk about mental health. They’ve had 6 pilot suicides in a year. It wasn’t until the article about my book came out in the Dallas paper, did that bring attention to American’s plight. Which is all our plight. So…. that was a great tailwind. For all the grief that article going in the paper caused me, it was fabulous that it made a difference. I wouldn’t have known without that call.

    Thank YOU for all the tailwinds of encouragement through challenging life moments of mine.

    • Karlene, thank you for stopping by. That is great you discovered the Simple Truths Create a life you can’t wait to live. The six people who will be receiving them will be very blessed people to have such an inspirational book. I also have attended lectures by many types of motivators and all of them stress the importance of doing one small simple thing. And yes, it can mean life or death. On my Twitter I follow a NYC BREAKING 911 news service that is almost as good as a police scanner. The number of suicides are astronomical. Despite the fact were in a big city. One never knows what provoked it but there couldve been a chance to prevent it.

      It is my pleasure as always and thank you so much for your kind comments as always.

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