A Very Special Day Has Taken Off


Good morning to each and every one of you,

As you can see above, today is a very special day for this website.


Because we are about to do or extend what we’ve been doing for the past several months taking it to a new flight level.

Karlene Petitt author of Flight For Control has been an avid supporter of this website, taking time out of her very busy schedule to offer words of encouragement, support, and expertise at what she does: being an awesome person who knows how to have fun. Both in the skies and on the ground. She always mentions how she has the world in her backyard, literally, but what she fails to mention is that she has the world in her heart and that she only wants to share it with everyone.

Because this website is so endebted to her, I have decided to continue giving back to her but even more so on a higher level to promote her talent, her giving the world to everyone through her novel.

We are taking on this opportunity here on the flight deck to show our appreciation. I encourage, if you haven’t purchased the novel, to do so. Please do not forget to include the code

“Jeremy Sent Me”

On behalf of this website I wish to not only thank Karlene herself but to all of my followers and readers for your continued support.

May your wings take you only to success,



4 thoughts on “A Very Special Day Has Taken Off

  1. Good morning Jeremy… from my backyard to yours… have a beautiful day. By the way… I’m spreading the word that Jeremy sent you!
    Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Jeremy! Awesome, and I can’t wait to start doing what you are already doing, spreading the word in Europe! Keep up the great work!

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