This post is in response to an interview posted on Flight To Success dated Friday June 22nd, 2012.



When I read this article it hit home to me in a very huge way.  Not only did Ryan Humphrey attend Western Michigan University which is only a 2 hour drive away from my alma mater Central Michigan University, but he also was forced away from his passion to fight a battle that I experienced through my father.  The obstacles both through health and medical bills are astronomical.  Ryan was diagnosed with an angiosarcoma in August of 2009.  The FAA may have grounded both his medical and his ability to fly commercially, (after experiencing health issues in July of 2009), however, they did not ground his passion to fly.  To fly through the skies of life and through all the challenges within.  Had he known that these issues were going to arise, he wouldn’t have cancelled his medical insurance in April of 2009.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOEING! – (Inbound Tokyo-Narita from Seattle)



I am posting this as I urge everyone to support this cause because he is still flying in the air and we are all his tailwind helping him get to where he needs to be in record time.   I urge everyone to visit his family’s website to learn more about his cause:






We are his aviation family, helping him keep his passion airborne..


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