TOWER TALK, Part Dois (2)

You could be a student with only ten hours on your log or an experienced Captain/Check Airman.  No matter what you are, reviewing and pre-briefing yourself before you click to contact the radios you must review the following per my instructor.



THE 4 “W”s of RADIO



WHO are you calling?

Are you calling the Tower, Ground, ATIS?



Grand Rapids (GRR/KGRR) Tower




Soar OneFive Heavy, Cessna Skyhawk November Three-Four Hotel-Delta, Landmark FourThree Heavy, etc..



WHERE  are you?

Which taxiway, Terminal, Gate, Holding /Landing Pad, ECHO ramp,   Know exactly where you are.  (There have been occasions at a major international airport in my neighborhood where a major international carrier almost caused serious collisions because they did not know how to communicate their information properly.)



WHAT is your request?

What do you need from the person you are contacting?  Taxi?  Takeoff?  The time? 


Each of the above is essential as your life and the lives of your crew and passengers depend on it.




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