Meet Ayder


Times Square is another one of my NYC playgrounds.  You can go anywhere within its confines and discover so many sites, but also people.  Little did I know one Sunday I would meet by chance a graphic/graffiti artist from Istanbul, Turkey who graduated top of his class from a local NYC art academy and also has family who fly for Turkish Airlines.  Of course, we had to talk about planes, and yes, he has one of my cards..







Left handed people always are the best creators.


Beating the pounding NYC August heat, he was diligently putting his talent into hats while fasting for Ramadan.  He is well known in the area as many people came to him during my visit with him with warm greetings as they know the quality of his work and I can attest to you, he did an excellent job making a Jeremy’s Flight Deck hat.  He does all types of designs besides logos.






Please visit Ayder by liking his Facebook Page and please pay him a visit in Times Square on 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.  Of course, please tell him that “Jeremy the Airplane Guy” sent you.


Always keeping my head covered both in and out of the flight deck…


Jeremy’s Flight Deck – Always aspiring to soar to new levels.






4 thoughts on “Meet Ayder

  1. Thank you for introducing Ayder. I went to his facebook page and “liked.” And of course I will tell him the airplane guy sent me. I want a hat too.

    • Karlene thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comments! I definitely will arrange to get you a hat and thank you so much for your support of his site!! I am rest assured he appreciates it! Have a great weekend! Regards from downpouring rainy NYC

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