Microsoft Flight Simulator Part 2

How on Earth could I possibly fit 65+ photos into one post?  Here we continue..



Let’s share the memories… Every year I did an annual commemoration simulation to mark my anniversary to commercial aviation 17 June 1996.


Putting down the gear over Long Island (5-Towns area) for JFK 31L A very familiar neighborhood to me.


Touching down 31L coming in From FRA..


The A380: Both Beauty and a Beast (But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder)


Debarking and celebrating yet another successful A380 mission at Terminal 1. (Only to turn around to get called back by Korean to go back to Asia..)


I was proud to have serviced Korean in so many ways. I gave them my heart and Seoul on both the 777-300ER and the A380.


Another carrier I was happy to service as Captain on both A380 and 777-300ER was Singapore.. Here we are off to Changi from Hong Kong..



MEL – SIN As peaceful as this photo seems we had just climbed out of some very choppy weather..


Even though most of my assignments were on the longhaul heavies.. I loved doing domestic A319/20 ops. Here is our Redwood baby climbing out of JFK for SFO on the Breezy Point/RBV departure SID. (31L was under renovations at the time.)


Memphis based Pinnacle Airlines was a shadow airline I serviced for NW. Here was our LENDY5 (now LENDY6) STAR into JFK’s 22L from Detroit. (CRJ2)


On final for Kennedy’s 31L from LAX. This was the end of my first A330 training with more to follow with other carriers.


I loved Virgin Atlantic.. because they trained me for Captainship (despite the fact I remained FO) on this flight from JFK-LHR. And yes, again, the 31L Canarsie Departure.


Short ride into O’Hare from Dulles.


Smoking the mains…


Loading Noah’s Ark


Busy morning as both 04s were in use here at JFK. Waiting to line up to leave for Gualruhos.


Off to Osaka


CSI Miami: EL AL Style.. After a diversion to MIA we lift off to go back to JFK to attempt to be ready for the midnight flight out to TLV..


Another aircraft that I was a candidate to train for Captaincy. I loved this piece of metal dearly. Here we are smoking the main at HKG. I also flew this aircraft AMS-JFK. Then never flew it again. It was nice while it lasted.


Delta usually called during the summer. Especially for the 2009-2010 Mediterranean 777 upgrades. Here we are leaving NYC in style via the 31L “Bridge Climb” departure for Madrid-Barajas.


Coming into AMS from Minneapolis..


Intercepting MERIT en route to Tel Aviv


The thunder rolls..


The buck stops here..


Routine ride over to DeGaulle from Kennedy. This time as Air France 7. Rocketing out of 22R.


Turn to final..


Alitalia one of my more interesting clients.. But I would never pass up a chance to fly into Malpensa especially in my 777..


I was in charge of the landing as First Officer however it went better than expected. Love Ben Gurion..


On board KLM 644 as deputy Senior Officer. And yes, there is a secret reason why my fuel load is quite substantial.


Exterior view..


A Typical trip for one of the alliances. I was literally locked up for days. (Usually over the weekends.) I rarely saw the day of light unless it was from my computer.



Back in the USA from Sydney.. Now off to A330 bootcamp



“Longreach” Always a reflection of how far I am reaching both in the virtual skies and real life skies. Reach for the skies and take your dreams off to reality..


I had never experienced so many anxious passengers in my life. Especially 48K who decided to stuff three soiled baby diapers in their front seat pocket.  I rest assure you Carliysle Aviation Services on behalf of our esteemed client Air France contacted the person and sent them a nice bill.


Off to DeGaulle. Again. Leaving Terminal 1 from Gate 6. The same gate I boarded my first 777 (F-GSPM) to Paris (in real life)


Over Iraq en route to the United Arab Emriates. Yes, this debut flight.


KLM wasn’t the only 777 I serviced to AMS


One of the longer missions… LAX-Dubai


Detroit – Amsterdam


Dynasty 20 Heavy in bound JFK 22L from KIX


Resting peacefully at the gate. And so was I…


Pressing on despite the weather. One nasty NYC evening..



TEAM WORK: Captain Natan Hoffmann rockets off 22R as I take my load over to the same runway for our ride.


Thanks to all of my passengers for their nice shots. Our departure from ORD en route to LGA.


So many memories, so many thoughts and all the frustration that went into the program I must say that it was well worth it.  What is your motivation to success?  And what channel do you use to fuel your throttle?


One of my best and fondest memories of the program:


Captain Natan Hoffmann, Boeing 747-400, Senior Officer Jeremy Carlisle, Boeing 737-800 in formation flight over Israel.


My last scheduled simulation was to be on June 6th, 2012, non-stop Honolulu-JFK in a Hawaiian Airbus Industrie A330-200.  Due to time constraints, I could not do the trip and decided to release my program from the computer.  As a result, I dedicate my two Flight Simulator tribute posts to the launch flight of Hawaiian Airlines 50 Heavy.




Once again, I have so many people to thank not only for their time, but their patience.

Mike for taking the time to train me on the PSS 777, for sending me the traffic program all the way over here to the US – I am forever greatful.  My airports couldn’t have been busier because of you.  And trust me – they were  BUSY!

To Jonny and Jason for getting me to realise that being a purist wasn’t the worst thing in the world.  It was actually one of the best decisions that I have made and by the photos, everyone can be a judge of that.

Natan, thank you for your time and many hours of putting up with my frustrations, problem solving, and for the many hours and many virtual trips we’ve done together. You have taught me everything a Boeing Captain needs to know.  It was an honor being both your Captain and FO.

To Karlene, what can I say?  Thank you for teaching me not only to be an effective (simulator pilot), an 744/A330 one at that, but also your kind words and encouragement, especially after I announced my retirement – for good reason – to become a real pilot.  I assure you I will be going back into the closet to get my uniform and hat to join you on a Boeing someday sitting to your right.  Also thank you for meeting me at the virtual gate in Seattle.  The long flights make a person lonely especially when you feel like your the only one on the flight deck.

To my Twitter family who have come aboard my virtual trips.  They wouldn’t have been the same without you all.  Trust me.

Most of all, thank you to Phoenix Simulations, PSS JustFlight, Airbus AeroSim, Wilco Airbus, Project Opensky, PMDG, VATSim, Project Airbus, Aerosoft, and FS DreamTeam JFK.  These photos are a testament to your success as software developers.  Only if you knew what joy and enthusiasm you have put into many aviation enthusiasts, such as myself, around the world.  To all of my virtual “clients”, I will see you all in the real life skies – as an ATP.

And most, most of all thank you to all of you, who have put up with my multiple Facebook and Twitter postings of my screenshots.  You all have been very tolerant people, indeed.










































4 thoughts on “Microsoft Flight Simulator Part 2

  1. Ah… thank “you” so much Jeremy! I’ve been trying to get through all your photos, and on the other post too. But I get looking, gazing, dreaming… and then wake up call keeps coming! lol. Love these. Also, I’m thinking that I need you to come to Seattle and help me set up a simulator in my house. We need to teach those grandkids how to fly. 🙂
    The adventure has been great!!! And more to come I’m sure.

    • Karlene, thank *you* so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I am also thinking that a SEA visit is also in store – I have 8 vacation days so far and accumulating so we shall see as I am also due for another 777 ride and I want to take my first A330 ride somewhere (thinking Aer Lingus to Ireland) One option I am thinking is taking Cathay 888 to YVR (77W) and coming down to SEA. So many possibilities. Anyway, Yes, installing the program for the grandkids is a must. Train them when they are young. I rest assure you that I will have them flying schedules/trips just like grandma does in no time.

      Take your time at looking at the pictures. I have enough of them to post on Twitter and Facebook for centuries to come.

      Yes, the adventure has been amazing and more to come!

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