US Open 2012, Part I


Yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s tennis time.  Are you ready?  Now that the French Open, Wimbledon, and Olympics are over,… it’s now time for the U.S. to shine.  Where all the talented tennis players come to my back yard here in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park and play some tennis..



Being that I just finished writing an article for another website, I have to turn this website on auto-pilot and let the pictures do the talking…



US Open Gardens..


After running to the stadium..









Always reminded of who we are…



Getting ready… Prelims..



“Why is this night different from all other nights?” one reads from the Passover Haggada.. Well, for starters.. Arthur Ashe stadium isn’t usually lit up this bright during the rest of the year!


You’ve been warned..





What do pilots and tennis players have in common?  We both have the world in our backyard.., right Karlene?




Good night everyone from Flushing Meadows – Corona Park and New York City … more to come as we are broadcasting live from the US Open.


More to come… So Stay tuned..




Yes, it’s that time of year and tennis is hot.  We have now hit one of the world’s most famous of tennis tournaments.  Commonly known in the United States as the “French Open” it is known worldwide as the Les internationaux de France de Roland-Garros or Tournoi de Roland-Garros





Each year during the last two weeks of May and beginning of June, this tournament is held.  The Roland Garros tennis tournament is one of the championships where a player can earn a Grand Slam title.  In other words, that’s a pretty achievement.

What and who is ROLAND GARROS?



Stade Roland Garros is a major tennis stadium in Paris named after the French aviator Roland Garros



French Aviator Roland Garros to which the stadium and tournament is named after.



He was born in Saint-Denis in the French island of Réunion.  Having started his aviation career in 1909, he started flying monoplanes mainly because he was a small lightweight pilot.  Before World War I commenced, he was already an internationally recognized aviator having flown to both North and South America.  He would later enlist in the French army for the war efforts.



On 18 April 1915, his aircraft, a Morane-Saulnier Type L aircraft, during one of his missions had a power loss either due to a clog in the fuel line, or shot down by some accounts and he was able to glide the aircraft unfortunately over enemy lines.  Garros was taken as a POW (Prisoner Of War) by Germany and placed in a camp to which he escaped on 14 February 1918.  He was shot down and killed on 5 October 1918 in Vouziers, Ardennes, France.



Tennis Is A Pilot’s Sport





In my first post about tennis, I displayed a video showing Serbian Tennis Star Novak Djokovic having an “in-flight” match.  Well, I came to tell you about someone else.  His name is Martin Solveig and he’s someone who has just become a major international star in the music production business.  He is also an avid tennis player.  Most of all, Solveig and pop singer Dragonette have also come to tell you something in this cute video:






May I also let you in on a little secret about Martin Solveig?  He’s also an avid fan of this:



Photo courtesy of Jeremy’s Flight Deck



Yes, Martin Solveig loves our Super whale jet.  He has stated in the past that if he had the chance, he would live on it.  I must say to him, I whole-heartedly agree.



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Because of a recent knee injury, Gael Monfils unfortunately had to withdraw early from the tournament.  We wish him well.

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TENNIS: A Pilot’s Sport

We are now down to weeks before the Roland Garros, also known as The French Open, and things will begin to start heating up here in the Northern Hemisphere for tennis as the summer months are approaching.  Being that I have yet, (up until now that is), to mention anything about tennis on this website, I will allow Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic make one thing clear in the following video:



Tennis is a pilot’s sport.



The weapon of Djokovic’s choice happens to from the manufacturer HEAD.  Head racquets were meant to help players of all levels get ahead in their game. 



The TiS6 – Great for beginners and intermediates, this racquet knows how to make balls fly. You have to be the one to fly it.



I personally have the HEAD Ti-S6 Titanium and can not begin to tell you what a great racquet it is for a beginner and intermediate player.  It’s light and you have to be very careful with it as the shots are powerful.  (I have been known to shoot ball into other people’s courts sometimes.)

With my HEAD TiS6 Racquet
U.S. National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows NY
(Home of the U.S. Open)



One thing about being a pilot is you have to always be ahead of the game with a plan, constant training and practice, know how to fly your racquet, (not the other way around), have quick reflexes, and always stay focused.  It’s all about being the POWER OF YOU!