As much as I love the outdoors, I hate the risk that something will come and take away a piece of my mind, even if it is for a few days.  Or in this case, more than a few days.

My last day at the U.S. Open was amazing, except for the fact that I was sitting in Flushing Meadows Park and I noticed a sensation of a needle going into my left arm.  I looked down to see if it was a bee or hornet and it was a large fly that I had no idea what it was. 



Satan Itself



I tried flicking it off and it was locked in my skin.  After several attempts, I was able to get it to the ground and killed it with pleasure.  The few moments after that, it literally felt like I had flu shot, however, it was as if I went into the doctor’s office to be injected with the worst case of poison ivy/oak.  (Ironically I acquired a very high dose of poison oak once when I was in 4th grade to the point my left eye was swollen shut.)


Having in mind that it was just a simple sting, I went home to wash it off and taking the necessary precautions.  Over the next few days I slowly but surely my face grew obtrusive red spots which at first resembled a huge acne problem, however, the worst hadn’t come.  Spots had developed over my chest area.  One thing I did notice from the ordeal, I had an immense burning sensation all over my face and chest area.  Puss started to leak from the spots and developed crust.  I knew something was up and my first thought was: I wore or ate something which I was not knowing allergic to.  The cortisone cream I used actually relieved the pain for maybe an hour then the burning intensified afterwards.  I did know this, as I am a guy, I was very reluctant to seek medical attention but I knew I had to eventually before my holidays started as it was getting worse.  Much, much worse.





The doctor determined allergic dermatitis and the chest, he couldn’t place a diagnosis so I will keep you posted as I am seeking a specialists attention to it.  I was placed on steroids (Prednisone) to clear inflammation and I was given prescription creams to help clear the areas..  Suffice to say, my synagogue appearance over Rosh HaShanah was very embarrassing to say the very embarrassing.



My recommendations after being bitten by this monster:

  • Attend to it immediately by washing it off, and if you are able or allowed to, take an anti-allergy med such as Benedryl, Claritin, etc.  If you are able to take Cortizone, apply to the wound.
  • Get a doctors appointment ASAP.
  • Nothing to crowd the emergency room for unless if you have major skin allergies and or blood issues.
  • Protective sprays are also good.
  • Keep yourself covered.  The more clothes you have on the better as the weather is more temperate for more creatures to come out. 

Stay safe and don’t let this ruin your day(s)!!




A Special Birthday

This weekend has been mega crazy as getting everything accomplished: shopping, laundry, cleaning.  Despite this craziness I am enjoying my four day weekend from work.  Tonight at sunset Jewish people worldwide will begin the holiday of Rosh HaShanah and our celebration for


The World’s Birthday



Happy Birthday!


The birthday of the world’s existence is only a small portion of what the holiday consists of.  During Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, people from around the world go through self-introspection.  Looking into our own worlds to find out how we can make this world a better place.  On an even more deep level, we pray that God grant us to live for another year.  Scary, huh?


The question we raise and the answers we give are very elementary: How can we make the world a better place?  We use both our faculties: our heart and our mind.  Our heart for compassion towards others in need and our mind to have the intellectual capacity to perform the actions.  And our hands and feet to carry them out with.


What can we do to make the world a better place is crucial and our actions matter.  The answers seem so simple that they are right at our back door and many do not realize through common sense that they are there.  Opportunities waiting to be grabbed:

  • Donating to your favorite charities.
  • But then, charity doesn’t necessarily mean to open your wallet or pocketbook..


  • There are so many other ways..:
  • Helping a friend deal with a crisis
  • Inviting a friend over who is having a financial hardship  for dinner.
  • Visiting a sick friend or even better someone who has no one to visit them.  New friends are always welcome.

As always stated before, the opportunities are endless.  And yes, you can make the difference.  This are examples of not only dedicating yourself to the world’s existence but also changing the lives of the world in other people.  For these actions, we hope to merit only good things not only for ourselves but that the world will always become a better place despite the fact what the news reports always tell us.


In the Hebrew language, to make a toast over wine or another great alcoholic beverage, we say “L’Hayim” which translates to “To Life”  That is what we all strive for.  To live the moment and make every moment of our lives count.  Life is too short to think about death.  And we shall make a toast,… that for this year and many to come that the world should only see good things and that those who believe in the world being a better place should see a long life ahead.






To Life!



9/11 … 11 Years Later



My day starts at 4:00 a.m. every morning.  You might wonder why in God’s sweet universe do I awaken each morning before the crack of dawn?  Well, I have my reasons and they aren’t anything convenient to my daily life. 




What can I say?  I am now a New Yorker.  (Sorry, Dad.) 

I live the life of a New Yorker.  Even though I was implanted here in August of 2000, I became a full-fledged, bona fide New Yorker on September 11, 2001.  A day that would change how people would view the world.  A day that we would realize that we are human beings here on this Earth to survive whatever and whichever tragedies come our way.


Many of you who know me offline, know about my background and some of the “little” or not so little reasons why I immigrated here.  I have a story beyond anyone that I’ve told online.  I came to New York not to escape my family back in the Midwest, God forbid, but to come to New York to accomplish my many dreams in so many ways.  Some I have already accomplished the help and kindness of God.  Some others I am still in the middle of accomplishing.  What I will tell you is, that what made me accomplish my dreams so far sums down to one word:




When I came to New York I came here as if I had left Europe during the 1800s or Syria in the 1930s looking for a new homeland – a homeland to grow and prosper just like many who had passed through Ellis Island.  I came here without my family, on minimum funds, and I was starting out in a new community (talk about a major culture clash from where I came from), new job, not knowing nor trusting anyone as much as I was used to due to the size of the neighborhoods.  I was a fish out of water.  My mission here: to better myself in so many ways looking to start a new career, finish school, improve myself religiously, and most of all, to be my own “independent country” so to speak.  I must say that looking back, even though I have so much yet to accomplish, I have accomplished a lot and am surprised I have survived this far.  But it is only just the beginning. 

The day I realized I was a NY’er


Strength comes in so many levels.  I had been in New York for a year and one month and I was coming back from an important meeting in Brooklyn that night.  I was on the F train (outsiders call it a “subway”) line where it goes above ground.  I remember we were stuck for a while underground as there was a disruption in the train traffic that evening, however, the evening was all worth it as we eventually proceeded above ground and the sky was clear as far as the eye could see of the NYC-Manhattan skyline in all it’s glory. 




I thought to myself as I gazed at it, “I’ve been here a year … I think I might make it (without having to move back.)


That night was during the days where I was able to sleep in until 10 a.m. the next morning … every morning.  (I didn’t start my work day until 3 p.m. during those days.)


Then came…

The wake up call….


Many ask, “Where we you on 9-11?”  My answer was, is, and always will be,




Yes, I was sleeping as my wake up time was usually 10am, but I had arisen earlier that morning as I had a bad dream for some reason the night before and it ended with the sound of a gunshot.  From what I remember of the dream, I was being chased and someone was shooting at me.  Dreams tell so many things which are hidden.. but this one told me one thing: It was time to wake up and start my day.  (Not necessarily on a good note.)

Upon logging on to America Online that morning to check e-mail, I saw the welcome screen with a photo that looked like something from a Hollywood film. 



But it wasn’t.  It was a horrific reality.   The next thing I knew family from out of town was calling me to ask if I was ok, at best, alive.


The night before I rest assured myself that I was safe, that I was going to make it.  That day I was more insecure about my safety as the day I had arrived.  It wasn’t only me.  It was about 9 million, if not billions of other people.  We were all sharing the same feelings, emotions, words, etc.  We were all now like a fish out of water.  Not only was every New Yorker sharing my experience, I was now beginning to share the New York experience.  On September 11th, 2001, it didn’t matter what your make-up was nor your religious beliefs, on that day you were a New Yorker and a citizen of the United States.  It was on September 11th, that I was proud to be a part of the New York City that came together and did everything we could to help any of the victims, their families, and to help rebuild what was taken away from us: our dreams, our successes, our way of life as a free democratic western society.  To show the failures of destruction, hatred, and how our society shows that of prosperity, breakthroughs in science, technology, and commerce.

My reason for coming here.. 


This is, as we all know, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of … There’s nothing you can’t do…



Even though I was at home asleep, one of my best friends escaped death /serious injury that morning.  He escaped this, Thank God, as he is a late sleeper.  His unsuccessful cause proved successful that morning when he missed his first train going into the city.  Before crossing Jamaica Bay on the later train, many commuters on board spotted the pillars of smoke coming up from the skyline beyond JFK Airport.  Luckily, someone had a way of finding out what had happened.  He debarked at the next stop and caught the next train going back to Far Rockaway. 


Many beyond this, were not so fortunate.  I saw the the movies.  No one could ever coax me again, not only as a human being, but as a human who operates aircraft in real life, to watch those movies again.  One month after that  fateful day, I decided to take a trip to downtown near the site.  I am a “see it to believe it” type of guy. 



The aromas of the unthinkable came to life.  The sites I saw became real.  It finally hit me.  It really happened.


Alicia also tells us that the streets are mean..  Yes, they are..  But my question is:

Why did it take a horrific, unthinkable event like this to get everyone to realize that being human meant being nice to one another and that the basis of survival was self-sacrifice and working together as a team?

This, ladies and gentleman was, is, and for as long as we remember 9-11 will be our wake-up call.


(Sorry no snooze button.)

Each year, now, we remember what happened on this day as a reminder that the only way we can overcome humanity is not only to wage war against the evil infidels who brought down our fellow human beings, our family, our community, our fellow aviation professionals through preventing future attacks, but also to supersede their horrific actions by improving the world and rebuilding as much as we can possible by giving to others, through education, through helping, through kindness, and through so many other ways.  Not only is this the best tribute we can make to the victims, the many blessed souls who perished without a trace, and those who assisted that fateful day, but to also show our strength, our joie de vivre (joy of living), and our raison d’être (reason for existence.) 




Never forget.













Labor Day Weekend – Via Brasil

When one is unsure of the events and plans that take him into the future – that person must always have a positive outlook on life and that everything – happens for a reason.  And indeed it did this past Sunday.


My plans eventually led me into the city to do some photo shooting.


A sign I know all too well





Trump Tower


Little did I know what was in store for me as the streets of New York City’s Upper East Side transformed into the streets of São Paulo, … of Rio De Janeiro, … of Salvador, and of every city, town, and village in between filled with awesome Brasilian music, great spirits, the smells of delectable Brasilian Portuguese cuisine, and amazing sites of the world’s most famous playground: BRASIL!


What would have been an 8 hour flight from JFK, turned into a 20 minute train ride from my neighborhood.


So.. Let’s take a look shall we?  I present to you:




Brasil Day 2012!










I got your back..



Brasilian bands from afar came to give their most outstanding performances.  This is where I practiced my Portuguese dictation skills.



As cafés align the streets the spirits run as high as the flags are.



Bandeiras brasileiras em todos os lugares




In the final hours of my time there, one thing stood out that summarized the whole day:


If pictures are worth a thousand words, this one is worth a million.


Always keep a smile on your face and remember, it takes more muscle power to frown, than to smile.  And this is our Portuguese lesson for today..


Boa viagem!

(Safe travels to wherever your journey takes you..)




Flushing Park

Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, yet another place I call home. This 1,255 acre property contains the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, CitiField – home to the NY Mets, the NY Hall of Science. The list goes on. It was also the site of the 1964/65 NY World’s Fair and if you’ve seen the motion picture, “Men In Black” this place should look all too familiar. Most of all this park is home to my wingflex.

You will catch me throughout the week either walking, running,  and jogging along the waters of its lake starring at the sky spotting the inbound 31 expressway visuals into LaGuardia. All of this right in my own back yard…

Please sit back, relax, and let the photos do the talking.





Sunset from last night


The sun always sets for Brasil..







Only seven more weeks until tennis stars and fans will pack Authur Ashe Memorial Stadium for the U.S. Open


Independence 2012

It’s so easy to be unbelievable that this August will mark my twelfth year in New York City. As much as I’ve been having a love/ hate relationship with this place, it continues to set an example of the melting pot that the United States of America has become. Whenever I travel to another U.S. city, it seems now that I’m traveling to a foreign country and not vice versa..

Probably the most memorable moment in my life where I have seen so many Americans come together to show what we are made of happened to be one of the most horrific days in world history. It is a shame that it had to take that one day to bring us together, however, it did..  From then on September 11, 2001 set a new tone , or perhaps reinforce, what we stand for. It is to echo what history has taught us from previous conflicts and wars with other nations in order to show what we are made of: equality, liberty, and justice for all.

All one has to do is look at the turmoil other nations are going through, especially in the Middle East, to realize and be thankful for what we have as Americans. Not only that, but to be thankful that our focus is to improve constantly our standards of living through technological development and the strive to always make a better life for ourselves.


Boeing, U.S. Aviation pride based to release their Triple Seven -300ER to American Airlines this year.

I wish to thank every member, veteran, and martyr in the United States armed services who have have risked their lives to give us the freedom that we embrace today. Your commitment and service to our beloved nation is paramount and has kept us strong. I personally am forever greatful as I’m sure millions of other Americans are.

While we enjoy our July 4th feasts, celebrations, and summer activities, please keep in mind the simple fact that we are able to have such an event in our lives to celebrate with family and loved ones. 


If your loved ones are stationed overseas, they should serve well, and return home to you safely knowing that they took part in the history that we are celebrating this very day.

Happy Independence Day!



Waters of Life

This week has been filled with many busy schedules, deadlines, and frustrations. By the end of the week, my brain is fried to it’s core and my emotions are shot to all hell.

These are the headwinds in life, that which slows us down and could present many challenges.

Of course, I have my tailwinds, people who push me to strive forward. Not only people, but places and times.

Nestled in the midst of chaotic New York City’s Fifth Avenue is a concrete water fountain that rests between the Apple store, The Plaza Hotel, and Bergdorf Goodman.


Mayim Hayyim .. The Water of Life

This water fountain is a place I like to retreat to as it is unique with the fact that in chaos it sits in peace and comforts the people who come to embrace it. The water that pours from its source washes away all my frustrations and anxieties of the week. The sounds and the mist which resonate from it drown out it’s surroundings: the chaos

The most important part of this fountain is that it helps me recollect my deeds, mistakes, and thoughts from the week and puts me into a state of mind to which I focus on how I can improve myself.

This is what life is about. Self improvement so that you can reach your fullest potential. This fountain represents the Hebrew term “Mayim Hayyim” or the waters of life.


Soon I will take this water fountain and apply it to time. Every weekend, I take time out of my week to sit back, reflect, rest, and focus on how I can improve myself in every aspect.  It is my Sabbatical from the world. 

We should all take some time to withdrawal and to do such. For with these thoughts I wish everyone a great weekend!


Tail Winds



Weather is very important, especially in flight planning and tail winds could mean a lot. Last night around midnight, I had a dream that an angelic voice sounded in my mind singing various pleasant melodies as I was dosing off. Was I asleep? I honestly don’t remember what my physical state was. It occurred to me later as I woke up this morning and it dawned on me that a friend called last night offering words of encouragement. The cost? Free. What started out as a difficult week was moving along much better as of last night because of this one simple act of kindness this individual did. Not only do we need wingflex in our lives, but we also need tail winds to carry us along and get us where we need to go in no time. How can you give a friend the tail winds they need? All it takes is one phone call, going to someone and saying, “hello.” Or maybe, going to the airport to greet someone at the gate after flying a thirty-six hour trip. The possibilities are endless…. What is your random act of kindness or even better, what are your tail winds like? jeremy

A Father’s Day To Remember

This weekend will mark another occasion to celebrate dads across the world, to BBQ, to have fun.  The weather is scheduled to be beautiful in the New York City area and I am rest assured traffic out to Long Island will be en masse with parks and beaches filled to capacity.

This year for my family and I, however, will be different.  It will be the first year without my father who passed away on 23 December 2011 from stage five Renal Cell Carcinoma. A cancer that originates in the kidneys that has been more common than in previous years, hence finding responsive treatments for this type are still in the process and researched.

There is so much to say about my father’s life, however, I will say this about him: not only did he love to sail, but he also loved to fly.



United States Air Force

Wearing The Captain’s Hat



He was a Platinum member for the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Program and he would always share his experiences with me of his corporate travels.  I was and forever will be greatful to my father for giving me the gift of not only loving to fly but also having given me the opportunity to fly first class with Northwest on two occasions.





Ironically this weekend also marks a special occasion for me: my first flying experience ever on any aircraft. I like to call this event my wedding anniversary to aviation.  All it took was one flight.  A marriage made in heaven.  There was no dating process, no matchmaker.  Why?  Because it was a marriage made in heaven.  Every now and then I will have mental flashbacks to the very day that started it all … some twelve days after my graduation from high school.  I remember my mom on the phone with my Spanish teacher getting the details.  I also remember asking my father, the frequent flyer, what it was like to fly and be in the air.  I was craving it.



My itinerary from the school with mom’s notes and reminders. Note how the school labeled “KLM Airlines” and “Northwest-ERN” (Cute)



The waiting in the Detroit airport (yes, back in the day before the amazing remodel and construction of the EdMac Terminal) when it was a literal garbage dump.  I have mental flashbacks of looking out the terminal window at the beautiful Northwest Boeing 747 that would take me to a place where it was no longer Kansas.  Somewhere over the rainbow.  The thrill and rush of adrenaline feeling the thrust of the 747 plummeting down the runway. The feeling of it raising up and most of all the feeling of not being on the ground anymore – that was the pivotal point.   The turns overlooking the airport and the city of Detroit.  The realization that there is another world yet to be discovered than that on the Earth’s surface.  The most memorable of the flashbacks was the descent into Amsterdam’s “Skipple” International airport.  The massive water currents like silk, the many edgings, inlets and canals that paved into the lush green carpet that was farmland.  I knew that from sunset to sunrise (which was only three to four hours in length) that I was about to see the other side of the rainbow.  Not only that, I was about to come to reality of what my passion in life is: to fly.  Not only as a passenger, but later on, as a pilot.

Every year I have a play-date with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 to take this trip down memory lane.  This Sunday evening, I will be doing my annual mission from Detroit to Amsterdam-Schipol.  I have personally picked two outstanding pilots to share the left seat as Captains to take this trip with me.  They call the shots as I call out to fly “Shotgun!”  I couldn’t have picked a better pair of pilots to take this trip down memory lane as I consider them both family:

First, an outstanding pilot who has thirty plus years experience in the commercial aviation industry, to which during that time, she was an operator of the Boeing 747 with Northwest Airlines during her career.  We always share the memories we have with NWA.  I look forward to her visit to New York in November to share these memories even more..

Second, an outstanding pilot who has devoted his time to giving me the 747 “crash” course, instruments training, and helping me knock out the quirks of the PMDG 747 software.  I have spent many hours with this person on the simulator and in real life flying.  It will be an honor once again to have him sitting in the left seat on such an important mission to me.





This Father’s day we celebrate fathers from all over; some with us, some not.  They are a testament of who we are and what we have become, and what we will become.  I am sure that for those who have fathers who are no longer, they are looking down from the skies above begging us to reach up and grab our fullest potential.  To grab wings and let them carry us to our final goals to live fulfilled lives and to land success. 





For those with fathers here, cherish every single moment you have, because life is way too short.

For with these words, I bid





Happy June 2012

My passion: Aviation


My body: New York City


My soul: Jerusalem


My heart: Paris


My history: Scotland


My playground: Brasil


My favorite book: Flight For Control


What I am doing right now: Sitting at the park letting the breeze whip my face into submission while listening to a pair of A320 engines go into the sky..


My hopes for everyone: To enjoy the weekend and the sunny weather. If it’s not, create your own sunshine!