If one were to take a good look at this website, it should come as to no surprise that Karlene Petitt has been a major part of our life here. I came to know Karlene for the most part through her aviation thriller “Flight For Control”.

Karlene and I met on a very brief occasion at JFK on an impromptu occasion and our meeting was literally 10 seconds. Enough to say hello, nice to see you, I’ll email you, and goodbye. The meeting, although certainly never enough time, was well worth my voyage over to my hometown airport. (I also managed to grab some airplane shots as she always reminds me to have a digital camera on hand at all times.)

A dream came true when I learned that Karlene has taken time out of her very busy schedule to come join this website on November 10th to visit and share her insights on the very novel that brought not only us, but my associates, here together. I want you to be apart of this too. The only thing is, our broadcasting location is small and we only have one open seat left and I want it to be yours! And NYC tends to get extremely crowded on Saturday nights!! (And I know for a fact that not everyone in NYC have a copy of this book.)

Here is what you need to do to enter in a drawing to win a place at this event:

Live in the vicinity or be in New York City on the weekend of November 10th, 2012

Purchase a copy or better yet copies of Flight For Control via Paypal through KarlenePetitt.com. Please include the Hashtag #JeremySentMe in the comments area or let Karlene know that we sent you. This is how we enter you in the drawing.

Optional: log on to our Facebook page JFD on Facebook and click LIKE

We will be announcing the winner on November 1st first on our Facebook site then on jeremysflightdeck.com.

Good luck and we will see you there!