As much as I love the outdoors, I hate the risk that something will come and take away a piece of my mind, even if it is for a few days.  Or in this case, more than a few days.

My last day at the U.S. Open was amazing, except for the fact that I was sitting in Flushing Meadows Park and I noticed a sensation of a needle going into my left arm.  I looked down to see if it was a bee or hornet and it was a large fly that I had no idea what it was. 



Satan Itself



I tried flicking it off and it was locked in my skin.  After several attempts, I was able to get it to the ground and killed it with pleasure.  The few moments after that, it literally felt like I had flu shot, however, it was as if I went into the doctor’s office to be injected with the worst case of poison ivy/oak.  (Ironically I acquired a very high dose of poison oak once when I was in 4th grade to the point my left eye was swollen shut.)


Having in mind that it was just a simple sting, I went home to wash it off and taking the necessary precautions.  Over the next few days I slowly but surely my face grew obtrusive red spots which at first resembled a huge acne problem, however, the worst hadn’t come.  Spots had developed over my chest area.  One thing I did notice from the ordeal, I had an immense burning sensation all over my face and chest area.  Puss started to leak from the spots and developed crust.  I knew something was up and my first thought was: I wore or ate something which I was not knowing allergic to.  The cortisone cream I used actually relieved the pain for maybe an hour then the burning intensified afterwards.  I did know this, as I am a guy, I was very reluctant to seek medical attention but I knew I had to eventually before my holidays started as it was getting worse.  Much, much worse.





The doctor determined allergic dermatitis and the chest, he couldn’t place a diagnosis so I will keep you posted as I am seeking a specialists attention to it.  I was placed on steroids (Prednisone) to clear inflammation and I was given prescription creams to help clear the areas..  Suffice to say, my synagogue appearance over Rosh HaShanah was very embarrassing to say the very embarrassing.



My recommendations after being bitten by this monster:

  • Attend to it immediately by washing it off, and if you are able or allowed to, take an anti-allergy med such as Benedryl, Claritin, etc.  If you are able to take Cortizone, apply to the wound.
  • Get a doctors appointment ASAP.
  • Nothing to crowd the emergency room for unless if you have major skin allergies and or blood issues.
  • Protective sprays are also good.
  • Keep yourself covered.  The more clothes you have on the better as the weather is more temperate for more creatures to come out. 

Stay safe and don’t let this ruin your day(s)!!