If one were to take a good look at this website, it should come as to no surprise that Karlene Petitt has been a major part of our life here. I came to know Karlene for the most part through her aviation thriller “Flight For Control”.

Karlene and I met on a very brief occasion at JFK on an impromptu occasion and our meeting was literally 10 seconds. Enough to say hello, nice to see you, I’ll email you, and goodbye. The meeting, although certainly never enough time, was well worth my voyage over to my hometown airport. (I also managed to grab some airplane shots as she always reminds me to have a digital camera on hand at all times.)

A dream came true when I learned that Karlene has taken time out of her very busy schedule to come join this website on November 10th to visit and share her insights on the very novel that brought not only us, but my associates, here together. I want you to be apart of this too. The only thing is, our broadcasting location is small and we only have one open seat left and I want it to be yours! And NYC tends to get extremely crowded on Saturday nights!! (And I know for a fact that not everyone in NYC have a copy of this book.)

Here is what you need to do to enter in a drawing to win a place at this event:

Live in the vicinity or be in New York City on the weekend of November 10th, 2012

Purchase a copy or better yet copies of Flight For Control via Paypal through KarlenePetitt.com. Please include the Hashtag #JeremySentMe in the comments area or let Karlene know that we sent you. This is how we enter you in the drawing.

Optional: log on to our Facebook page JFD on Facebook and click LIKE

We will be announcing the winner on November 1st first on our Facebook site then on jeremysflightdeck.com.

Good luck and we will see you there!




A Very Special Day Has Taken Off


Good morning to each and every one of you,

As you can see above, today is a very special day for this website.


Because we are about to do or extend what we’ve been doing for the past several months taking it to a new flight level.

Karlene Petitt author of Flight For Control has been an avid supporter of this website, taking time out of her very busy schedule to offer words of encouragement, support, and expertise at what she does: being an awesome person who knows how to have fun. Both in the skies and on the ground. She always mentions how she has the world in her backyard, literally, but what she fails to mention is that she has the world in her heart and that she only wants to share it with everyone.

Because this website is so endebted to her, I have decided to continue giving back to her but even more so on a higher level to promote her talent, her giving the world to everyone through her novel.

We are taking on this opportunity here on the flight deck to show our appreciation. I encourage, if you haven’t purchased the novel, to do so. Please do not forget to include the code

“Jeremy Sent Me”

On behalf of this website I wish to not only thank Karlene herself but to all of my followers and readers for your continued support.

May your wings take you only to success,


Flexing Your Wings!

This week I learned of a seasoned Captain on jetBlue flight 191 bound to Las Vegas from JFK.  The Captain, during the flight, started making statements which made passengers uneasy.  Once the situation escalated, the First Officer became the Deputy Captain by simply locking the door and taking command of the aircraft.  As a result, the Captain became irate and unruly as the passengers tried to  subdue him.

I know I am not the only one to state that this, but the real-life scenario above seemed to have come straight from the novel, “Flight For Control” by Karlene Petitt.  See What Karlene Has To Say About It!

As much as commercial passengers think that pilots are God, and some pilots think they *are* God, (I personally have seen enough of them), they are… not.  We are all human beings.  We have emotions and breaking points.  We have stresses in our daily lives which keep us from being on course.  I can name personally three events within the past year where I thought I was going to break.  How am I holding myself together?  By being like the wings of a Boeing 777.


Have you seen the stress tests of the Boeing 777 wings on YouTube?  Fascinating.  Those wings go straight up to heaven when you are sitting behind them looking out the passenger’s window.  How can we take our wings and flex them so that the challenges and turbulence of life do not break us?  How do we develop this resistance?  Have we ever thought about the reason why we have these stresses are to make us stronger?  Something to think about..

Pilots represent the insignia that they wear on their uniforms, the wings.  We need a strong (aviation) industry.  We need strong pilots just like the wings of the airplanes shown on the uniforms and soared through the skies.  Pilots and non-pilots alike, let’s flex our wings to resist all of the turbulence in our lives just like the Boeing 777 so that we all can soar to new levels and inspire others to do the same.



Accomplished.  Distinguished.  Successful.  These words come to mind when I think about an individual who I stumbled upon Twitter many months back.  She really needs no introduction however, I have invited her to come up into my flight deck as she has a new hit novel out titled, “Flight For Control”

Dear Readers,
May I introduce you to

Welcome to the flight deck, Karlene!


Karlene, Aviation!  Why?  What was your driving force to say, “I’ll be the pilot!”


When I was 9 years old I was told that I couldn’t become a pilot because I was a girl. The challenge was on. I told everyone that I was going to be a pilot from that point on. I couldn’t back down. When I took that first flight, I thought “Wow, they’re going to pay me to do this?!?”
With those words, she did embark that plane with the non-stop destination to success.  Throughout her love and passion for aviation, she acquired a type-rate on seven different equipment, from the Boeing 727 to the 767, was a Senior First Officer, Check Airman, and Instructor for several different airlines.  She currently operates the Airbus Industrie A330 as a First Officer for a world renowned international carrier.  Karlene also holds master’s degrees in Business and Human Services.  Most importantly, she is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother to a beautiful family.
Karlene recently opened a new and most important chapter in her life.  One that is not only the most important to her’s, but the lives of others. As we all know as of yesterday’s news in the aviation world, fiction just became reality and the importance has set in like stone.  This event was echoed in the launch operation of her new novel:


Of course, I had to go inside in find out the drive behind the creation of this aviation thriller:


What was your driving motivation behind your blog “Flight to Success” and what lead you to go full throttle with “Flight For Control?”


Flight to Success was something that is my passion. To help people. I love training, teaching and motivating. Helping people is what I love. I know the industry needs to be fixed and we need to take care of our employees… especially our pilots since they are caring for the lives of many. So this book creates awareness of human factors. The next will create awareness of the problem with automation and proficiency. Then the final will be when I get my Ph.D. in Aviation and solve the problem.
Inspiration for the book came from a Union captain who said, “I’d rather see them shutdown that give them anything!” At the same time I was working in the helping side of ALPA and pilots were calling often with serious personal stress. Then I went to a conference and learned that a number of pilots had committed suicide. I have worked with pilots under great deal of stress. I just had finished my Masters in Human Services and counseling. All this combined made me realize that there is a story here, that must be told.


What kind of impact do you hope “Flight For Control” will make on our industry and your readers?


Public: Create awareness of the reality in the industry, and support the crew members.

Pilots: They need to take care of themselves because the industry isn’t. Awareness that anyone can break….as we saw with Jet Blue Captain today.  See Karlene’s Article
Future Pilots: The industry is up to you. Hold strong to your work rules, pay, and regulations. Pilot’s shouldn’t be flying high time to make ends meet… they can’t be their best if they are… so the pay has to be there in the first place.”

Karlene said lastly:

“We don’t want to believe that pilots can breakdown. But they are just human. This is a reality.”
Karlene’s last point really hits home especially for those recently on the jetBlue flight.  Karlene and I realize the importance of long haul flight planning on an international scale.  Getting everyone to the their final destinations quickly and in one piece.  She definitely has set out her flight plan to get everyone and the aviation industry to it’s final destination: SAFETY.  Having connected to Karlene not only online, but through her novel, I wish to add an adjective to the list above in her introduction:




Karlene, thank you for not only breaking the sound barriers of aviation, but also by fulfilling your dream of becoming a pilot, and becoming an asset to our (aviation) industry.  You have given so much motivation to so many individuals out there who are pursuing their dreams.  It was truly an honor to have you on my flight deck and I hope to have the honor of sharing an “Auto-Pilot” session with you sometime on the A330, or perhaps, the 777 someday!

In the words of Karlene,

“Enjoy The Journey!”